Wedding Catering Tips: The Perfect Feast

By Hands Fullltd September 13, 2022 3 Min Read

There’s nothing quite as important as feeding your guests on your special day. It’s a long and tiresome day with plenty of laughter and fun, but unless your guests are well-fed, they’re not going to have an amazing time. Feeding everyone with a delightful feast is the key to securing the perfect day that will be the talk of your friends and family for years to come. Let’s look at some tips for hosting the perfect wedding feast.

Figure your budget out ASAP

You must think about how many people will be attending the dinner and consider how much of your budget you’re able to allocate to catering. You really shouldn’t skimp on this regard as many people will be taking time off work and travelling a long way to be with you on your special day, so you must return the favour with a brilliant feast, at the very least.

Start planning as early as possible

You should allow at least 12 months when planning your wedding as there is simply so much to take into consideration. If you’re struggling with figuring out the food side of things and would like some expert advice on how to make it work, consider hiring a reputable catering company to guide you.

Be mindful of dietary restrictions, allergies and lifestyle choices

Remember that there will be people at your wedding who are unable to eat certain ingredients. For example, you may have someone who is lactose intolerant, or perhaps allergic to peanuts. Thus, before planning your menu you will need to get a lit of absolutely everyone who will need certain considerations. In addition to that, it’s always worth having one or two delicious vegan and vegetarian options as well.

Figure out your style

What style do you want to go for? Would you like a sit-down feast? A DIY / help yourself buffet style? Finger foods and appetisers? It all depends on how soon you want to party! If you’re going for a feast, try to get that out of the way as early as possible so that people can get up and dance and enjoy themselves without feeling too heavy!

Local and seasonal is a great idea

When selecting your venue, look for local sources of food as well, such as meats and vegetables. You should also try to incorporate seasonal dishes and ingredients into your menu. Again, for tips and advice, find yourself an established catering company who can assist you. In most cases they will already know many of the main venues and surrounding produce suppliers.

Share your story through food

The best wedding catering menu will be authentic and have something truly special about it. For example, you may wish to share the story of your relationship through food. Where were you when you met? If you were in Cuba for example, you may wish to introduce a traditional Cuban dish. The options are endless! Get created and try to have fun with it.