How to Identify a Trustworthy Tree Removal Company

By Hands Fullltd September 11, 2022 2 Min Read

When it comes to having the trees removed from your property, you have to be incredibly careful about who you hire for the job. You may see an add in the local newspaper, or have a friend of a friend recommended on Facebook, but are they as credible and reliable as you’d like? Just because you know somebody who owns a chainsaw, it doesn’t mean that they are even remotely qualified to handle the job. It’s also important to know whether they have the means of disposing of your felled tree safely and responsibly. As such, it is important to do your research and to identify a professional tree removal company before going ahead.

Start online

Searching online is one of the best ways of finding a professional tree removal company, as you’ll be able to discover a wide variety of companies to choose from. This will enable you to compare the various companies and do some thorough research into who is best suited for the job.

Look at reviews and testimonials

In a Google search results page, you will typically see a business page with a list of reviews, ranging from 1 to 5 stars. Have a read through these reviews at any opportunity that you get. Have a look at people’s websites and keep an eye out for testimonials as well. The best and most reliable companies will be proud to show off what their clients have to say about them.

Reach out on social media

Reach out to friends and family on social media by all means, but you need to be clear on the fact that you’re looking for a professional tree removal company and not somebodies’ mate with a chainsaw. This is a good way of seeing companies that your friends and family may have used in the past so that you can get real and reliable testimonials about some decent local firms. 

Look for certification and insurance

The finest and highly qualified tree removal companies will be fully certified, highly trained and entirely insured. Be certain to find a company that ticks all three boxes to keep yourself and your property entirely safe, if in the event of an accident.

Make contact and ask about their process

You should also make an effort to contact a few of the short-listed tree removal companies that you’re interested in to see how they operate. Make your enquiry and describe the situation and see how they react and handle your call. The very best and most professional tree removal companies will be able to tell you exactly how they would plan to execute their tree removal service, roughly how much it will cost and how soon they can get out to you. Following that, you can go with your gut!