The Importance of Entertaining Your Guests at an Event

By Hands Fullltd September 20, 2022 3 Min Read
People dancing at a concert while the singer is performing surrounded with lights

There are many reasons to host an event, for example: you could by putting on a corporate event to recognise & reward the top performers in your company, whilst going over up-and coming news and changes to the way that you operate; or perhaps it could be a fundraiser event for a chosen charity of yours—one thing that connects them all however, is the importance of having quality entertainment.

An event can be a long and demanding affair, especially if there’s little in the way of relief. For example: imagine having to sit through a whole day of presentations without a break in between, or the chance to sit down and have a spot of lunch! It would be a nightmare. As such, feeding and entertaining your guests should always be a major priority.

Break the event up

In order for your guests to not only enjoy themselves, but to digest everything that is going on properly without getting bogged down or burned out, you’ll need to break the event up into sections. You should almost certainly implement a few intermissions with quality entertainment. This could be in the way of live music whilst everyone is sitting down to eat, or a stand-up comedian to offer some comic relief. If done correctly, you can successfully entertain your guests at your event, whilst having the optimum impact with the message that you’re trying to get across (e.g., if you’re looking to raise money for charity / inspire your employees to exceed their sales targets in the new quarter).

Create a memorable event

Of course, if your event has an awesome show of entertainment planned, then it’s going to make it significantly more memorable for your guests. Otherwise, they’ll get bored pretty quickly and look forward to getting on with their lives. An event with poorly planned entertainment is a forgettable one.

Make it “instaworthy”

What better a way of spreading hype about your event than by creating an “instaworthy” vibe around it! If you have awesome entertainment, your guests will be much more likely to tag themselves at the event, showing off what an awesome time they’re having to their friends and followers. This is especially useful if you plan to put on more events in the future! Try creating a unique hashtag for your event and encourage your guests to use it!

When people have fun, they will return

If you want your guests to attend future events, then putting on a show is an essentiality. When your guests have an awesome time and enjoy the entertainment that you hired, then they’ll be significantly more likely to attend your future events!


Don’t stress! There are so many different entertainment ideas and options for you to choose from, with an incredible amount of talent out there. That said, if you’re struggling to think of something for your event, then why not hire the professionals to assist you in the planning process and see what they suggest? An established company like Funktionality will have plenty of strong connections in the industry, allowing you access to some truly awesome entertainment!

In any case, we wish you the best of luck with your event. Know your audience, take your time, and plan thoroughly—you’ll be just fine!