Office decorating ideas: How should I decorate my office? How can I make my office look expensive?

By Hands Fullltd January 31, 2023 6 Min Read

Have you ever sat in your office and really thought about the impression it gives off? Your office represents your business and yourself both to your employees and also potential customers. It should be a reflection of your ethos and how you conduct business. Are you professional? Creative? Do you have a sense of style, productivity, or inspiration?

Decorating your office can make a huge impact on how your employees perform and how you and others see your workspace, so here are a few top tips to get you started.

Office decorating ideas

If you are considering decorating your office, it doesn’t have to be a massive renovation taking weeks and slowing down or compromising your ability to work. There are plenty of ways to revitalise your space quickly and easily, and here are some of our favourites to help inspire you:

  • Paint – shabby, faded and chipped paint can make your office look terrible, but painting it can brighten the place up and even have an impact on your employees’ mood. Different colours all have different meanings, so think carefully before you start about the impact you wish to have.
  • Hang some artwork – now your walls are looking gorgeous, why not accent them with some large pictures that compliment your style? You can pick local artists, something funky or just large simple swathes of colour to further brighten your walls. It’s up to you.
  • Plants – plants can cheer up any room. You can go for fake ones if you like, there’s no shame in admitting they are cheaper and less hassle than going for fresh flowers every day. Alternatively, go for a potted plant like a peace lily or rubber plant, and enjoy not only their look, but how they remove pollutants from the air.
  • Change up your furniture – try a different type of desk or chair, get some cool cabinets and find the furniture that suits your brand, not just what was there when you moved in.
  • Put up mirrors – fantastic for making a space feel more open and large, putting up mirrors also makes the room look lighter and more inviting. 
  • Think about your floors – that beige carpet could be another reason that your office is looking less than its best. Try statement rugs, a smarter cleaner looking laminate floor, or outline different spaces using rugs without the need for physical barriers, again opening up the space.
  • Have different themes for different areas – you can change the mood and liven up the colour scheme by using professional neutral tones in the workspace, and then something more fun or relaxing in the break areas.
  • Declutter – take the opportunity to get rid of the stuff you don’t need, or that has been allowed to build up, and make way for new items that might inspire you more.

These are just a few of the ways that you can make a huge difference in your office. Give one or more a try and see how that change impacts the moods and productivity of your staff and the impressions of your customers.

How should I decorate my office?

Nothing makes a bigger impression quicker than a new coat of paint. You can incorporate your brand’s colours, choose blue to encourage productivity, or white to make it look clean and bright. Yellow is cheerful and welcoming, red energetic, and brown productive.

You can go for one colour, a statement wall, accents, or really whatever you like, and it can make such a huge difference to your office and your staff. You should make sure it is done right of course. A bad paint job is almost worse than no paint at all. Getting in help from a fantastic and professional firm like Platinum 3 Commercial Painting means it can be done on your schedule, perfectly and hassle-free.

With many of the suggestions here, it is all about what you want. What do you want your office to say about you, or how do you want your employees to feel when they sit down to work? If you are trying to promote a friendlier atmosphere, having more personal items can be a wonderful option. You can throw in bright cheerful colours not only on the walls, but through cushions, rugs and art.

However, if you are trying to look as professional as possible, minimal decorations can look great. You don’t want the place to look too Spartan, but you can choose the furnishings and furniture that more correctly reflect your style.

The best way to decorate your office is to really think and plan out what you hope to achieve, and then set about doing it. A bright new paint job, some better chairs and a few potted plants can turn your dreary office space into a nirvana of creativity, productivity, and elegance. 

How can I make my office look expensive?

If you want your office to look expensive without too much expense, there are a few small and not-so-small changes you can make to look fantastic without costing an arm and a leg. Some of our top tips are:

  • Swap out your art – so many offices have the same drab corporate artwork. Instead go for something specific to your brand, something that showcases the local area, or just general looks a little classier.
  • Paint! – It may have been mentioned before, but painting is still the best way to make your office look more expensive and professional. Picking a grey colour, perhaps with some bold accents here and there, can really make your space look elegant and sleek.
  • Change the lighting – fluorescents can really wash out your office, and your employees too. Consider going for more nuanced lighting and you will look more expensive and professional in no time.

Final words

Don’t let your office reflect badly on you for another day. Whether it is dreary paint, uncomfortable chairs or a break room that makes you want to give up coffee, there are so many ways to say farewell to these issues and to brighten and improve the space right away. However you want to decorate your office, have a think, call the experts and get started today.